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Plant-Based & Gluten-Free Cookbooks:

These are some of my all-time favorites. Plus, these people all have inspiring stories (especially Rich Roll’s Finding Ultra and Jessica Murnane’s One Part Plant). I hope you love these books as much as I do!







Kitchen Essentials:

These are my go-to products and tools in the kitchen. If you are just starting out as a plant-based person or going gluten-free for the first time, start with these items. They will be a huge help.








For the Home:

Non-toxic products to keep your home squeaky clean & essential oils to diffuse everywhere (& I mean everywhere). I am hook, line, and sinker for organic oils. Bring ’em on!





Medical Literature:

For those who are curious about the science behind natural healing, I have learned the most from these books. I really respect these doctors, especially the ones who are experts in functional medicine and the mind, body, gut connection.



Changing your Mindset, Goal Setting & Personal Development:

These books have transformed my outlook on life. (And I do not say that lightly). I have conquered many personal hurdles and healing challenges with the tips and tools from these authors.









Non-Toxic Beauty:

All the pretty little things I love! Especially that hot pink lipstick, I’m a sucker for hot pink.




Supplements & plant-based protein powders:

Don’t break the bank.




Eco-positive & non-toxic feminine care:

Make your life 100x easier with these game-changers.





Everyday Items I Can’t live Without:

And no, those aren’t yellow Ray Bans. I wear those to bed to block out the blue light.


Business, Tech & Startups:

So many folks ask me how I built The Wild Manifesto! Here are the books that educated me. (P.S. before I did this gig full time, I started 3 previous tech start-ups, went to business school, worked at Telsa, and lived in SF for a while living a whole different life). I love everything entrepreneurial and the concept of building world-positive business which have meaningful impact makes me so jazzed.