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The Easiest Elimination Diet


The Easiest Elimination Diet by The Wild Manifesto.


Doing an elimination diet was hands down the best thing I ever did on my road to recovery. Now, I live a functional life! But, when I did mine, I couldn’t find a single program I wanted to follow online, in-store, or at the local Barnes & Noble.


So, I built this for myself. This is a great investment because it’s created by someone who genuinely knows the frustration of feeling crappy every day and the struggle to feel better. This book is for people who are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Heck, I sure was! I was fed up with feeling “off,” having day-long headaches, and constant stomach pain and this program changed EVERYTHING for me. 


The goal is to live a rockin’ life! I want you to have a functional, pain-free life and have the energy to live it! For all the details, click here.


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