Let’s work together. You, me, goals alive!

I believe that self-healing is the real deal.
I believe in building a toolbox.
I believe in coaching, creating accountability, and taking action. Like, tomorrow. Not waiting for January 1st or your birthday.
I believe in getting crystal clear on what’s really holding you back and mastering that inner critic.
I believe that food can transform us.
I believe in designing a life on your own terms and creating the action plan to get there.


What I offer:

This is all about you. Our conversations are an open dialogue and together, we’re a rad, rockin’ team. No lectures here. I want to actively work with you and create a life you love, then give you the tools to get there.

I love vulnerability and on my coaching calls, I create the space to get raw and real. You aren’t alone in this journey and I openly share my experiences and what strategies enabled me to thrive.

Plus, in our sessions, you have the choice to create our conversation and get specific about goals you want to reach, symptoms you want to tackle, and where you want to go. If none of my pre-set packages speak to you, feel free to lead the entire session and come with your own Q&A.


Kelly Trach from The Wild Manifesto .



One 90-minute call.

Understanding you, ditching what’s blocking you, and building the groundwork for healing.



  • Let’s get clear on your wellness journey so far – what’s worked, what hasn’t, and where you want to go.
  • Together we go deep on how you are currently nourishing your body, how you are managing stress, and practicing self-care.
  • Exploring your toxic exposure. Let’s chat about what household and beauty products you use, what medications you take, and your relationship with antibiotics.
  • Start building a mindset conducive to healing. Let’s talk blocks, barriers, and the inner critic that is holding you back.
  • Set the vision. How do you want to feel in your body? Let’s get clear on the vision and create an action plan now.


Three 60-minute calls.

Explore your relationship with food, shift your mindset, and conquer your inflammation.



  • Let’s deep dive into your food choices, what you are currently eating, how you are shopping and your habits and mindset towards food. Yes, we’re going there. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • A complete walk through of the products you use daily. Get clear on what to keep, what to swap out, and why we are reducing your toxic exposure.
  • Specific ways to heal yourself with food. I’ll share my methodology on food and how I nourish my body. We can make it work without breaking the bank or spending too many hours cooking.
  • Kicking the inner critic. Together, we can master the negative self-talk and your self-limiting beliefs.
  • Working through allergies? Let’s start an elimination diet to create clarity on what’s causing inflammation for you specifically.
  • We can chat every week, every day, or every month. You pick.


Six 60-minute calls.

Nourish your body in a way that serves you, self-heal, and transform your outlook on life.



  • Mastering your diet and finding ways to make food rock. Plus, check-ins on how your elimination diet is going, how the shift in your diet is serving you and getting clear on what else needs to be fixed.
  • Together, we can build trial and error experiments to manage your inflammation and pain and get it all under control.
  • Let’s build custom success rituals and self-care practices for you. Fuel up, don’t burn out.
  • Mindset reformat. Let’s ditch the scarcity mindset, the blockages that are holding you back, and let go of those negative thought patterns.
  • Tangible strategies to toss the “I’m never going to get better” mindset. I’ll teach you how to lead from a place of love, not fear.
  • We can chat every week, every day, or every month. You pick.

Let’s get started! 

I offer a free 15-minute consultation to see if we hit it off! I want to make sure you like me just as much as I like you. Email me at to book a time for us to connect.




Hosting a talk, workshop, or retreat? 


I love rocking the mic. I dive deep into the stuff most people don’t want to venture into – like the nasty inner critic, unworthiness, and the fear of being sick forever. I lead with vulnerability and full transparency on how I healed my life, mastered my mindset, and how others can do exactly the same.


If you have a specific topic in mind for my speech, I’d be happy to tailor my speech around it.


Potential topics:


  • Build a mindset conducive to healing: breaking free from the mental shackles and uncovering the strength and power within.
  • You have the power to heal your life: how to reclaim your livelihood on your own, at any time, and anywhere.
  • Life by design: how to craft a vision you love and hack your health habits to get there.
  • How to *actually* follow your heart and make a business out of it. How I quit my former, San Francisco-based tech start-up life, my business school mentality, and built what mattered instead.



Wanna make shift happen at your next event?

Email me at to chit chat.