How To Calm Down In 2 Seconds

How to calm down in 2 seconds via The Wild Manifesto
If your tummy troubles get triggered in situations where you feel like a poop emoji, then I can really relate. Learn how to calm down ASAP.


Sniffing some good ‘ol essential oils can help you take the edge off in literally no time.


Spritz, spritz, done.

2 seconds.



I hold my stress in my stomach. That coupled with my leaky gut, IBS, and celiac disease symptoms result in insane knots, indigestion, cramping, and running for the restroom.


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Here are the best 4 essential oils to destress ASAP:


Lavender oil.
  • Take a deep breath in and inhale the lavender. Then, take a deep breath out.
  • It’s very calming and hella easy.
  • Sniff the bottle directly, add a few drops to your bath, diffuse it when you devote some time for self-care or put a few drops on your mat if you’re doing a little yoga.


Ylang Ylang oil.
  • I roll it on at night to de-stress and chill out.
  • This helps me shift my energy before bed. Also, do some gratitude journalling.
  • Bring on the good vibes!


Peppermint oil.
  • Chronic headaches and brain fog were two of my biggest symptoms of my celiac disease. I still struggle with them almost every day, but peppermint oil alleviates my headaches.
  • Roll some peppermint oil on your temples and the back of your neck. Then, wait for the tingling sensation to kick in. Oh yes. It’s magic.
  • This Peppermint Halo Roller by Saje works wonders.


Lemon or grapefruit oil.
  • When I get a whiff of this stuff, it instantly puts me in a good mood.
  • If I’m feeling sh*tty after reacting to a meal I ate, I’ll spritz some lemon oil in distilled water around my face.
  • It helps me take my mind off the discomfort.


How To Calm Down In 2 Seconds. Grapefruit and Lemon Oil. The Wild Manifesto


So, here’s how you can de-stress anytime & anywhere:

  • Keep a tiny bottle of your favorite oil on you. I toss a mini roller into my backpack because you never know when stress strikes & you gotta calm down.
  • If you are having an uncomfortable conversation, excuse yourself to the restroom and use your oils and take a few deep breaths.
  • If there is no line for the wheelchair restroom, I’ll go in there and just physically shake off the bad energy in a space where I’m alone. Then, I sniff my oils or put a few drops on me.


The lowdown on finding high-quality essential oils:

  • Now, there are lots of synthetic oils out there. Watch out.
  • If you are sensitive to foods, fake fragrances, and chemicals (like me) this is super important. You don’t need more toxic crap in your body.
  • You need oils that are pure, organic, and 100% naturally derived from plants – never made in a lab.

So, where can you find these mini miracle workers?


Peace, love, and bring on those chill, zen, vibes!

-Kelly from The Wild Manifesto

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