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The Feel Better NOW Ebook



I cured my own chronic pain and inflammation from my leaky gut, IBS, and autoimmune disease. It took me almost a decade of trial and error to heal myself, but these three strategies enabled me to heal.

For one week, you can follow my three keys to healing. I swear by these tactics and now you can use them to live a rad, functional life too!


What does this ebook include?


– 5 pages loaded with tangible tips on starting your healing.

– 19 easy, real, tactics to start. So many people just share information and slap up content in their ebooks, but I’m giving you legitimate actions you can follow today – in the simplest, clearest way possible. No fluff, no BS, no filler.

– 1 week of tiny actions you can take to start your healing process. It’s 3 simple, actionable steps to help you feel better – fast.

– 24/7 support on social media. I’d love to hear from you, send me a message on Twitter!


This program really works because:


These are the three core strategies I used for my own healing. After almost a decade of trial and error experiments, I found a solution that worked for me and it boils down to these three simple things. And believe me, I tried everything. I basically ran the last decade as a series of 2-week experiments to see if I could feel better with various methodologies. Eating dairy, not eating dairy, trying acupuncture, trying an infrared sauna, trying L-glutamine, not eating animal products, decreasing my chemical exposure, increasing my exercise frequency. I tried a bazillion little things to find the combination that worked for me. And, with this ebook, you can start feeling better and find the combination that works for you. 


This is a great investment because:


With my suggested strategies, you can cut down your experimentation time. They say you need 10,000 hours to master something, and by running my own personal experiments to find a methodology that worked for my healing, I have definitely masted this over a span of eight years! This book is a great investment because it can save you a ton of time. No matter what you are struggling with, these three tactics can help anyone out. They are all backed up by science and I reference Dr. Mark Hyman and his work throughout the ebook. He is the Director of the Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine (and one of the few western doctors I genuinely trust). Consider it your starting point when you just feel off and don’t know where to begin.


Who is this ebook perfect for?


For anyone who’s just feeling “off” and doesn’t really know where to start, this book is for you! I’m sharing how you can build your own wellness toolbox and finding ways to heal yourself when the traditional system can’t give you answers.


How long will it take? And when should I start?


This is only for one week. Plus, you can start anytime you want! That’s the beauty of this. As soon as you hit download, it’s yours! And hey – if you like these easy tactics, you can keep them around forever.


Plus, you can trust me with your money because:


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I want this! Buy it!

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