Event Information:

  • Sat

    Food, Chemicals & Toxins - The Crazy Things That Make Us Sick

    1:30 pmLorna Jane Store - 321 Water St, Vancouver, BC

    What's it all about:

    You know those days when you aren't feeling 100% rad-tastic and a little under the weather, well most of us assume it was something we ate, lack of sleep, or hitting it too hard at the office.

    Something we forget about is our chemical intake and toxic load. Our bodies can only handle so much and once we hit a certain threshold, we get sick.

    Many of us aren't familiar with the chemicals hidden in our food, household products, beauty products, and fragrances that are making us sick and weakening our immune system. (Heck, I sure didn't know!)

    This can all feel hella overwhelming - so I'm breaking it down and explaining it in plain English and sharing some tangible steps to get you rocking and rolling!

    Come to my free event and learn some tiny, actionable steps you can take to reduce your toxic load, figure out if you have a chemical sensitivity, and get you feeling better fast!


    What You'll Learn:

    + what the heck a chemical load is, why it matters, and why we gotta reduce our chemical exposure

    + what stuff lurks in our products, cleaners, and everyday items we use and how it weakens our immune system

    + actionable steps to read the labels of your food, household products, and makeup to see if there are ingredients that bother you

    + easy items to swap out for toxin-free products without breaking the bank

    + 3 tangible tactics you can use to figure out what's bothering you when you are feeling off

    + how to know if you are having an allergic reaction to a product, cleaning agent, or food

    + where the heck to start when it all feels overwhelming and expensive to do an 180-degree switch in your groceries, cleaners, and beauty products.

    + websites to check your products individually for their chemical scores



    Free, baby!