How To Do An Elimination Diet

How To Do An Elimination Diet. The Wild Manifesto.

So, what the heck is an elimination diet?


You guessed right! It’s when you eliminate foods from your diet over a period of time and then reintroduce them. This strategy enabled me to get to the root cause of my chronic digestive pain and all my bizarre symptoms – like tingling hands, brain fog, and feeling forever tired. 


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What I learned through this method that I couldn’t figure out anywhere else:


My blood test and biopsy confirmed that I have celiac disease. But, through an elimination diet, I uncovered that I am allergic to gluten, corn, soy, oats, eggs and I have a sensitivity to yeast, sugar, dairy, and chocolate. Figuring this out made the world of a difference.



The Wild Manifesto. How to Do An Elimination Diet.



Ok, but what’s the difference between a food allergy and a food sensitivity? 


Immunoglobulin, an antibody, is what your body produces when it’s under attack by a virus, infection, germs, or another pathogen. When a traditional GP requests blood work to test for celiac disease, they are looking at your immunoglobulin levels to see if you have an immunoglobulin deficiency. There are five types of immunoglobulin (A, D, G, E, or M), but I’m focusing on G and E right now.


Immunoglobulin E (aka IgE)


The Mayo Clinic describes an allergy as when “your immune system makes antibodies that identify a particular allergen as harmful, even though it isn’t.” So, when you eat something you are allergic to, IgE antibodies are released to fight off the food. Then, your immune system “inflames your skin, sinuses, airways or digestive system.” You feel this reaction because your body releases histamine. You may feel this in form of hives, itchiness, teary eyes, stuffed up nose, sneezing, shortness of breath, a rash, your throat closing up, swelling, weakness, and anaphylactic shock.


Immunoglobulin G (aka IgG)


Now, IgG antibodies are always present in the body to help prevent infections. They are also “ready to multiply and attack when foreign substances get into the body” according to The John Hopkins Medical Center. They provide long-term resistance to allergens, but your body won’t produce histamine when it releases IgG antibodies. Therefore, the reaction is much smaller and the symptoms are subtle. For this reason, they are called sensitivities. Your body is still having a reaction, but you will never go into anaphylactic shock because there is no histamine release. This can make sensitives harder to spot because it’s possible that you have been living with them forever. This may feel like brain fog, headaches, irritability, insomnia, bloating, gas, cramps, and fatigue. Sensitivities cause inflammation in the body too and you must take them just as seriously.



How To Do An Elimination Diet. The Wild Manifesto. Food sensitivities are just as important as food allergies. Please do not ignore them.



Why elimination diets are the easiest way to figure out your allergies and sensitivities:


#1: Looking at your overall IgG and IgE levels will give you inconclusive results because you can’t isolate the variables. 


Usually, the blood work that the GP orders to check for celiac disease only looks at your entire immunoglobin levels. If your body is having an IgG or IgE response, it’s hard to state if it’s completely caused by gluten. For me, the GP said I was celiac, but I also have an allergy to corn and oats (which make my throat close up which means it’s an IgE reaction and my body is producing histamine). Looking at my IgE levels overall, I think it’s impossible to assume that gluten was the only food causing damage.


Now, don’t get me wrong, testing your IgE and IgG levels can help you figure out if you have celiac disease. But, the results are viewed within a range and it is up to the GP and their opinion to determine if your immunoglobin is above or below a certain threshold, therefore resulting in celiac disease. I’ve had this blood test done many times and I’ve seen multiple doctors to get different opinions. At times, my IgG markers were exactly on the threshold. One GP told me I wasn’t celiac and another told me that I had the autoimmune disease. So, this is why I take those tests with a grain of salt.



#2: Only you can truly tell if something is bothering you.

In the past, when I was eating everything, it was difficult to determine what exactly was causing me pain. Plus, over time feeling “off” became my normal. I also prefer the elimination diet method because you are in control and you don’t need to justify your symptoms to anyone. With my experience with the traditional medical system, I would explain my symptoms of brain fog, tingling in my hands, loss of feeling in hands, and constant migraines, and because I didn’t have a textbook diagnosis of a rash and hives, they always thought it was something else. You are the only person that lives in your body and can tell when you feel “off.”


#3: It’s low cost.

I’m lucky to live in Canada where my health care is free, but living in the US is a whole different story. You can do an elimination diet for next to nothing and completely on your own.


#4: No wait time.

Bouncing between appointments, I got fed up with waiting for someone to give me a friggin answer. With this self-directed method, you have full freedom and control. Plus, you can start whenever you want.


#5: You can test yourself for anything you want.

For me, the standard blood work only tested for gluten intolerance with my IgG and IgE markers. I had suspicions about other allergies, but blood work testing for that wasn’t available through the Canadian health care system. 



How To Do An Elimination Diet. The Wild Manifesto.


The methodology behind my elimination diet:


You want to start with the LEAST allergenic foods and work your way up to the MOST allergenic foods. Plus, you need to allow your body two full days of rest before you introduce a new food. According to Dr. Mark Hyman, a leader in the functional medicine community, symptoms are delayed up to 72 hours after eating, a low-grade food allergy” and you need to allow time for a reaction to happen since they may be “hard to spot.” Plus, if you flare up from a food mid-way through your diet, you need adequate time for the inflammation to subside. Otherwise, you won’t be able to determine if the next food you introduce is causing a reaction.



So how should I do an elimination diet.



Curious? Here’s how to do an elimination diet:


  • Pick a good time to do this.
    • Truthfully, there will never be the “right” time. Heck, there will always be birthdays, dinner parties, and holidays. But, I promise it will make your life 100x easier once you figure out what foods are causing your flare-ups.


  • Start by only eating anti-inflammatory foods.
    • You’ll need to clear the inflammation out of your system for two to three weeks. This is very important because inflammation has built up over time in your body from eating foods that you are allergic and sensitive to. All the of this needs to subside. Then, you will be able to notice if a food is triggering you.


  • Build a schedule for yourself to introduce the top allergens over time.
    • You’ll want to check yourself for legumes, tree nuts, the palm family, eggs, fish, shellfish, gluten, dairy, yeast, sugar, nightshades, allium vegetables, corn, and soy. These are the top most allergenic food groups and most of us eat these frequently.


  • Wait 72 hours between new foods.
    • Sometimes, symptoms can be delayed, so the 72-hour breaks are critical. Plus, if you react to a food, you need to let the inflammation subside.


  • Monitor and record your symptoms. 
    • Remember, you might react differently than hives or rash. Also, pay attention to stomach pain, bloating, gas, and discomfort – those are indicators that your body is reacting too. Anything that feels “off” counts as a symptom – no matter how strange it may sound! I had a tingling sensation in my fingers from time to time and shrugged it off as a random occurrence. Turns out, it out it was a symptom of an autoimmune disease. 


  • Prep your food & pack it along with you.
    • Being prepared helps. Oh man, there is nothing worse than not having a packed lunch during a company dinner and having someone offer you a gourmet sandwich. I’ve been there. Bring more food with you for the day than you think you need. Then, you’ll never get hungry and be tempted to sneak in a little dairy and gluten.


Does conquering this on your own feel overwhelming? Holy heck yes! That's how I felt when I was in your position. So, I built my own program and used it. Now, I'm sharing it with you!



Ready to get started? 


The Easiest Elimination Diet by The Wild Manifesto.


I want this! Buy it!



This program really works because:


I did this elimination diet and learned so much about my body. I uncovered that I am allergic to gluten, corn, soy, oats, eggs and I have a sensitivity to yeast, sugar, dairy, and chocolate. A year later, I did a test (that cost about $500) through the US private health care system which evaluated my blood work and antibodies against 300 individual allergens. And guess what? When the results came back, I didn’t learn anything new! It was EXACTLY the same as what I learned through my elimination diet.


This is a great investment because:


When I did my elimination diet, I couldn’t find a single thing I wanted to follow online, in-store, or at the local Barnes & Noble. So, I built this for myself. I have been there and I know this stuff inside out. They say, you need 10,000 hours to become a master of something and I have DEFINITELY become a master of allergies, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities, and how to navigate them because I’ve lived this life for the last 10 year and figured out how to thrive. This is a great investment because it’s built by someone who genuinely knows the frustration of feeling crappy every day and the struggle to feel better.



Who is this workbook perfect for?


People who are sick and tired of being sick and tired! Heck, I sure was! I was so dang fed up with feeling “off,” having day-long headaches, and constant stomach pain. If the traditional medical system can’t give you answers and you feel like you just can’t figure it out on your own – then this is PERFECT for you. (Because that is exactly where I was!) The goal is to live a rockin’ life! I want you to have a functional, pain-free life and have the energy to live it!



Other people think it’s great and here’s what they say:


Emma from Vancouver, BC: “Kelly lays it out clearly and I was never confused about what food to add next or why I was doing it. It was SO HELPFUL and I uncovered 3 unknown food sensitivities. Now that I’ve taken them out of my diet, I don’t have a ton of bloating and pain anymore. I’m so thankful!”


Ted from San Francisco, CA: “This workbook is simple and easy to follow. It made my elimination diet doable. Kelly is also relatable and I respect how she really understood how I felt going through this. Also, the support was excellent. This program was empowering.”



Why the freebie programs online aren’t as good:


Most freebies don’t offer a structured program, they explain how you can do it for free, but they don’t guide you through the process – they make you figure it out on your own. Plus, it takes a lot of effort and time to build a structured plan for success. I’ve perfected this elimination diet because I’ve done it myself, and I know how hard it is to do this solo. This is created by someone just like you! I’m not a doctor or a medical professional and I’m not reiterating a textbook procedure. I’m sharing the methodology that worked incredibly for me and my crazy, chronic digestive issues.


This program is also backed my science.

My personal methodology is backed up by facts from The Mayo Clinic, John Hopkins Center Medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman, The Celiac Disease Foundation, and medical journals and studies from the U.S. National Center for Biotechnology Information. I include a full reference sheet in the ebook too to cite my sources.



How long will it take?


This is a 13-week program dedicated to helping you live your best life.


When should I start?


Anytime you want! That’s the beauty of this. As soon as you hit download, it’s yours!


Plus, you can trust me with your money because:


I work with an established, trusted third party called Stripe that’s SSL secured. Purchases are made through the Gumroad platform and payments are processed by Stripe. Also, Stripe handles all the payments for Salesforce, Twitter, Target, Pinterest, and Adidas, so you are in excellent hands. Your information and privacy are 100% secure.



How to do an elimination diet. Hello rad, rockin' life! Click here to buy it!
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