The Manifesto

The Wild Manifesto.


The Wild Manifesto is a movement that teaches people how to heal themselves.


For people who just feel off, can’t figure out what’s wrong, or suffer from digestive problems, The Wild Manifesto will show you how to take healing into your own hands. It’s unlike any other platform, doctor, or health specialist because it’s run by me – a regular person that cured her own chronic pain and inflammation. By using plant-based foods and easy eastern practices, I healed my leaky gut, IBS, and an autoimmune disease.


I believe in plant-based, anti-inflammatory food, using science-based strategies, and building a mindset that’s conducive to healing. Not meds. Natural, non-invasive self-healing is possible and I break it all down into tangible, actionable steps that are simple to follow.


The Manifesto I Follow:


The Wild Manifesto


It is all about living your best life full of freedom and possibility – not chronic pain and endless worrying.


These principles allow me to live a functioning life. It took me 8 years of trial and error, attempting all sorts of diets, doctors, and supplements to ditch my chronic illness and figure out the root cause of my symptoms. This all-natural and back-to-basics combination works incredibly well for me and I teach these practices throughout my work.


So, do you want to put this in action? Here’s how to start:


The Wild Manifesto


Build your Knowledge Base:

Reading my journey and understanding leaky gut, IBS, and celiac disease. (Maybe some of my symptoms will sound like yours!)


Then, Shift your Mindset:

Trying one mindfulness tactic to help you escape those downward spirals. Healing can be frustrating. So, here are some tools you can use to ditch your fears about being sick forever. Heck – I sure had those in full swing.


Start Healing your Body:

Giving plant-based and gluten-free food a try with my super-easy, go-to breakfast. You don’t need to make a million changes at once and flip your whole diet around in one day. Just start with one meal.


And then Conquer Inflammation:

Learning how to figure out your food allergies through an elimination diet. This will help you let the inflammation in your body subside. This tool is total game-changer!

 The Wild Manifesto

So, welcome! I’m so glad you are here! 



Kelly from The Wild Manifesto