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Kelly Trach from The Wild Manifesto



Hey, I'm Kelly Trach from The Wild Manifesto


The Wild Manifesto is a movement that teaches people how to heal themselves.


For people who just feel off, can’t figure out what’s wrong, or suffer from digestive problems, The Wild Manifesto will show you how to take healing into your own hands. It’s unlike any other platform, doctor, or health specialist because it’s run by me – a regular person that cured her own chronic pain and inflammation. By using plant-based foods and easy eastern practices, I healed my leaky gut, IBS, and an autoimmune disease.


I believe in plant-based, anti-inflammatory food, using science-based strategies, and building a mindset that’s conducive to healing. Not meds. Natural, non-invasive self-healing is possible and I break it all down into tangible, actionable steps that are simple to follow.


Why I feel called to do this work:


They say you need 10,000+ hours to master something and the only thing I’ve truly mastered is self-healing my chronic conditions. I am a self-taught nutritionist and I’ve deeply studied functional medicine, the microbiome, and gut health in attempts to desperately solve my own problems.


I’ve racked up those 10,000 hours from learning the material, applying it to my own life, and then tweaking it to find an exact solution that works. My knowledge and experience is my gift I need to share with the world. I feel this so deeply in my heart and I feel called to serve.
I lead this work because I know what it’s like to worry about having a strange disease when the doctors can’t diagnose you, the hardship of living with chronic pain and understanding the struggle to heal when it feels impossible. I’ve been there and I understand you.


I am so obsessed with this work because I believe that healing is possible and I’ve done it. It’s my job to help you live a function, rad, life and share everything I know.



Why I help others:


I genuinely felt like sh*t for years – and I thought it was normal. This is my crazy road to recovery and the story of how I healed my chronic digestive issues.


I was formerly sick with an invisible illness. Not the lying-in-a-hospital-bed-for-days kind of sick where everyone can see that you are genuinely ill, but the type you can’t see. On the outside, I looked pretty normal, but on the inside, I felt like I was dying. I was tired of hearing people say: “oh, you’re sick? But you look okay.” My immune system was so weak, I was always exhausted, and I was living with chronic inflammation.


My journey started when traditional medicine could not figure out what was wrong with me. I had all these symptoms, but doctors just couldn’t connect the dots. Between the traditional health care system, the alternative side, and my own methodologies, I discovered I had an autoimmune disease – celiac disease (which means I’m #glutenfree forever), raynaud’s disease, leaky gut, IBS, a yeast overgrowth, several severe allergies, and a fragile immune system.


Now, I live a functional life (and I’m so grateful for it!)


Kelly Trach from The Wild Manifesto


When I was sick, living in my body felt like this: 


  • Eating was never fun. Eating always made me feel sick. I’d get stomach pains that made me double over and lay in the fetal position.
  • I felt forever bloated. I always walked around sucking my stomach in, because if I let it go, I legitimately looked pregnant. I was very gassy and my stomach was a constant source of pain. It was always like a little angry ball of fire. Plus, I couldn’t lay on my stomach at night because the pressure was so intense.
  • My joints often flared up and became achy. Exercise felt impossible. Gym class was mandatory in school and I loathed it. The movement was really uncomfortable for me and I wore knee braces on each leg to keep up with my peers.
  • I deeply struggled with chronic fatigue. I’m pretty sure I said “I’m really tired” every hour of the day. I genuinely did not have the energy for everyday life. I didn’t want to go to parties, do weekend trips, or explore the outdoors. All of that sounded like so much effort and work.
  • I dealt with day-long headaches. No matter how much water or caffeine I drank or how many painkillers I took, nothing made them go away.
  • I also had brain fog, which is like a cloudiness in your head. I felt like I wasn’t operating with my full mental capacity, alertness, and awareness.
  • I had a very weak immune system. I always picked up every flu and cold that went around. Plus, whenever I traveled, I would get sick. Even if the rest of my family was fine, I would pick some weird bug up during our travels. When I got sick, I felt absolutely wiped out and I had zero energy. My body would severely ache and all I could do was lay on the couch.
  • I dealt with recurring conditions to the point where I was like: “What? Again? For real?” I had strep throat over 10 times during my youth and I took antibiotics round after round. Plus, I dealt with recurrent fungal issues for years. I was always picking up athlete’s foot, ringworm, and warts. My immune system was on overdrive and it couldn’t fight off pathogens very well, so I took, even more, antibiotics. My antibiotic overuse led to my gut issues, but I didn’t know it at the time.
  • I also had insomnia and restless legs. Sleeping was difficult for me.
  • Bad acne was a constant struggle during my entire youth. And, it wasn’t just on my face, but my chest and back. Coverup and foundation were a constant shopping list item. I tried all the creams, medication, and antibiotics for it, but it never went away.
  • I was also always cold. I was one of those people who wore a ton of layers and wearing two pairs of socks in winter was the norm.
  • My bowel movements were never normal and I certainly wasn’t regular. I would either have diarrhea all day long or I would be constipated for 3 days, or even up to a week. This is maybe a little TMI, but I genuinely think we don’t talk about our bathroom habits enough and it’s a strong indicator that something is wrong in our gut.
  • I had nerve damage in my hands and feet. They would tingle, go completely white and numb in the cold, and I had a difficult time feeling the temperature in them. Because of the damage, it still takes me a few seconds to determine if something is hot when I touch it.
  • I also felt thirsty all the time. Sometimes, I’d drink a bottle of water on the hour. It was like I could never be quenched.
  • Nutrient and vitamin deficiencies were a constant for me. I had malabsorption issues in my gut and the fancy vitamins I bought were not doing anything. Plus, I was anemic, and even though I took daily iron pills, I couldn’t increase my iron levels.
  • My emotions were all over the place. I felt depressed often and I turned to food to numb out my bodily pain and frustration with my everyday life. This turned me into an emotional eater and triggered my old binge eating habits.
  • I had very brittle nails that always chipped and cracked, I lost a lot of hair to my hairbrush, and lost eyelashes.
  • Lastly, I was 30 pounds overweight. I couldn’t shake the weight. Even when I was training for a half-marathon and pushing through my joint pain, I couldn’t lose a single pound. It was like the extra weight was glued on me.


So, I started with the traditional route to get answers.


  • GPs. I saw over 10 to get different opinions.
  • Multiple gastroenterologists. I continually requested if I could be referred to a “different one” who might be able to provide me with better insight.
  • A biopsy and colonoscopy to take samples of my intestinal tissues. They said I “could” be celiac. Later results found I was celiac, but this was a long process for mixed results.
  • An allergist. Strangely everything came back negative.
  • Ultrasounds. Scanning my abdomen to look for anything. Nothing.
  • Weekly lab work. Monitoring my immunoglobulin blood markers to look for thyroid problems, allergies, and checking for Crohn’s and colitis.
  • Sports doctors, chiropractors, and physiotherapists for my achy joints.
  • Neurologists. To check my nervous system and figure out the tingling in my hands and feet.
  • Trips to the ER. When my stomach pain was unbearable, they thought I had a ruptured appendix multiple times, found nothing, and just gave me T3s and sent me home.
  • Gynecologists. To see if the pain was coming from my reproductive system instead of my stomach, it wasn’t.
  • And lastly, a $500 blood test through the US private health care system testing my antibodies against 300 of the top allergens.


Then, I turned to the alternative side, because I wasn’t receiving the answers I needed. I tried:


  • Acupuncturists.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • All the Chinese herbs.
  • Osteopaths.
  • Massage therapists.
  • Went to healers. Prayed. Chanted. Anything!
  • Compression socks and ceramic socks for my lack of circulation.
  • Naturopaths. Very helpful when the traditional system couldn’t tell me much. I learned I had a yeast overgrowth in my intestines, leaky gut, IBS, and that wasn’t absorbing my nutrients properly.
  • Supplements galore. Turmeric, Reishi mushrooms, licorice. Sometimes up to 15 pills in order to experiment.
  • An elimination diet. Which changed EVERYTHING! I discovered my allergies to corn, soy, oats, dairy, and eggs through it. I would feel “funny” or “off” after eating certain things and get hives in my throat, so I experiment with taking things out of my diet for a month and then reintroducing them slowly to see what happened.
  • I took online courses on the microbiome and gut, did countless hours of research, read blogs, took out a thousand books from the library on autoimmune diseases and alternative practices.
  • Found The Wahls Protocol, written by Dr. Terry Wahls. AMEN. This lead to my organic, nutrient-dense diet.
  • Therapists. Talk about my eating habits and my deeper experiences leading me to binge eat.


But honestly, what really shifted everything for me was food, my mindset, and practicing mindfulness.


My switch to plant-based, real food, straight from the earth allowed me to function like a normal human being, get out of bed, and thrive. What I eat, the ingredients I bought, and my attitude towards food completely altered my life. Eating a plant-powered, organic, gluten-free diet fueled me in a way I never thought was possible. I learned to cook delicious, amazing, food that healed me, in a way that traditional medicine could not achieve for me.


Plus, incorporating eastern practices like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude enabled me to thrive. Shifting my mindset was critical in order for me to leave those “oh poor me” downward spirals. I really do believe in mind and body healing – it goes together as one.


My wellness journey has been an 180-degree flip and I genuinely can’t believe that I am normal now, especially when I look back on my difficult days (where I was in the fetal position on the floor.) Now I live a full, rich, abundant life.


So, for those of you who are reading this and are going through a crazy, scary time, I’ve been there and I promise things can get better.


You got this!


Peace & love,

-Kelly Trach

The Wild Manifesto